January 04, 2011

Room Design For 2011 - Concept And Ideas

Are You curious about the latest collection of living room design for 2011?. Let’s look at the new living room designs that we show to you from various sources,  are you interested?, please do not hesitate to contact directly online interior designer your city to realize this new design into your home.

Apart from being a place to receive guests or space interaction with the outside world, living room also has always been an important space of the representation of homeowners, as well as a space where they discuss and decide important matters in the family. as well as open space for sharing. In 2011, living room design is expected to bring changes in lifestyle to be truly “live” both from the guests who came to visit as well as changes in family environment, a living room with many possibilities for combining elements from elements that move independently of each other.

In each composition, you can change the position of chairs, tables, shelves, and living room furniture for you at will can be more relaxed. The position of the seat and headrest can be changed according to taste that can create an unlimited freedom to enjoy this family entertainment in the living room.

Using the sofa is very thick and soft, and which can be converted into single beds are the trend at the end of 2010 in which the sofa moved to offer more space, comfort and customization. 

Paint color cast on the wall is made uniform and the contrast with the color of the existing furniture to show the identity of the owner. Living room Lighting model emphasizes the beauty of light reflection from the low electric powered lights and lighting fixtures of modern and classic type in accordance with the theme of the living room.
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